Thursday, November 18, 2010

misguided lighting

I stumbled across an article in the Toronto Star, in the Greater Toronto section, front page. It was about the Light the Night program currently advocated by police and the hydro company (oh, big surprise there).

They are preaching the typical, shallow, misinformed doctrine that more light at night around one's house or apartment building or condo will make it safer. But they've clearly not done any research or looked at previous studies which are either inconclusive or show, in fact, no decrease in crime. Light will not magically reduce criminal activity.

They've clearly not received the message emerging from many new studies that expose the human health issues of light at night. Sleep in complete darkness. No mention of light at night on other animals, like birds.

But there was an additional little nugget revealed in the Star article that I had not considered. Cost issues for the less fortunate. It was shown that some chose not to replace or upgrade a burnt out bulb because they could not afford the additional utilities expense. Did the police representative or hydro employee offer support, not to mention acknowledgement, of this stumbling block? No. They ignored the financially challenged person. Light is not free.

Absolutely no mention of smart lighting alternatives including motion sensors. Yes, more expensive perhaps, until you consider they are not running 24/7/365.

Keep the night dark.


grace said...

Well, having a motion sensor light in our backyard didn't stop the kid from breaking into the van or attempting to get into the shed.

bla said...

Exactly. Crack-heads will do dumb stuff.