Thursday, November 18, 2010

black hole query

Donna asked me, before dinner on Tuesday, if I had heard about some recent news item about a black hole. Very close, the closest, or something to that effect.

She sounded a tad nervous.

I told her I hadn't heard anything special recently. Pointed out that black holes are common. Super-massive ones exist at the centre of galaxies, are the "engines" of the galaxy... Don't know if I allayed her concerns. Certainly did not answer her question directly.

Today I stumbled across an article at NASA. The gist of it was that the youngest black hole ever discovered was recently found. But it's over in galaxy Messier 100. Not exactly close.

While I was thinking of it, I checked for information on Cygnus X-1, essential the first black hole discovered. It's 6000 light years away. Practically in our backyard.

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Chas said...

What about the ones being made at cern?