Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hubble in Omni

Went to the Ontario Science Centre with my buddy Alan to catch IMAX Hubble at the Omnimax theatre. Alan plotted a course to seats dead centre.

I've never been to an Omnimax before. A true surrounding, immersive experience. Using soft-focus and taking in the entire peripheral visual field, I could tell that the screen—er, dome—filled almost all of my visual field. Impressive.

It was an enjoyable film but I was a little sad there wasn't more hi-def footage. Still, I enjoyed revisiting the last mission again, STS-125.

While somewhat conjectural, it was pretty thrilling touring through the Trapezium nursery!

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SharminC said...

Glad you watched it! I wish too, the footage were more hi-def. I enjoyed the thrill of moving 'through' the universe ALL three times I watched it. I love the OMNI-MAX. I watched all titles played in the dome for last 3.5 years, including Spiderman II & Harry Potter 6. I highly recommend experiencing the OSC-Dome presentations.