Thursday, January 21, 2010

ice cold

The 50-Can IceCOLD Cooler with Cart from Canadian Tire (#85-3469-6) looks like it might hold 2 gel cell batteries.

The soft cooler includes a foldable all-terrain cart that holds up to 80 lbs. Oh. This will be right at the weight limit... Each battery is 39.75 lbs! And that means I better be careful with the peripherals, wiring, etc.

Retractable two-position handle.

The performance insulation is supposed to keep ice for 48 hours. I'm hoping it will do the opposite well; keep cold out.


I didn't notice it at first but that little silver flap looking thing on the top with the oval in the centre, that's a "quick access" door. Instead of opening the entire zippered lid, you can flip open this insulated flap. Hook-and-loop holds it closed.

This will be perfect for routing wires from the inside to outside.

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