Tuesday, September 08, 2009

great flyover (Mississauga)

Happily, I checked my email around 9:00 PM. Randy, president of the Mississauga Centre, had sent a quick note out on the RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Group listserv about the Shuttle and ISS flyover... at 9:18 PM! Yikes.

I said to Malcolm, "We gotta go outside right now!" Hurry. Hurry harder! Standing in the middle of the street in front of his house, making the neighbours talk, no doubt, we reminisced on the other dual flyover that we both witnessed (wow, over 2 years ago), although we weren't together then.

A moment later we spotted them. Fantastically bright! Seemed to go right overhead. The first one was fainter. I suspected it was the Shuttle (confirmed after re-reading, closely reading Randy's email). Station seemed to brighten up much more than Jupiter.

They fell into the shadow heading toward Cassiopeia. A great show!

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