Saturday, September 19, 2009

dew lake (Mew Lake)

They should call it the Annual Algonquin Adventure at Dew Lake!

Phil had warned me. Others had commented on it. I didn't go empty handed.

I had my 8" dew heater for the corrector plate of the SCT wrapped around the dew shield. I had the (new) 2" dew heater for the eyepiece. I had the Kendrick Type IV controller running full blast. I had the lead-acid portable battery fully charged. But it still wasn't enough.

Well. That said, the telescope proper was fine. But the finder scope was rendered useless by 11:00 PM. The equipment was soaked. Papers, books, charts wet.

The low temperatures, falling to 0°C or lower, did not help the battery output...

I was kicking myself that I had not arranged for a patio table umbrella for my little portable picnic table. Figured out some way to heat the battery (a couple of those hand warmers perhaps?). I had not attached my heat pad sheet under the triangle tray or computer. Although that would have depleted the battery faster. I had not rebuilt or improved upon my finder scope dew heater custom project. But again that would have put more load on the battery.

Maybe I need another battery...

Or a Honda generator!

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