Wednesday, May 06, 2009

found mistakes in summer list

A couple of months ago, I had a little chat with an editor at Sky & Telescope, Tony Flanders. I had found a mistake in their winter double stars listing. A correction was applied. And while at it, he fixed the encoding to show the Greek characters properly.

I was reviewing the summer list in preparation for some warm breeze, dark sky, multi-star observing when I noticed they show κ (kappa) Herculis is also known as Marfik. No... Marfik is λ (lambda) Ophiuchi.

So, I'll have to send in another note to Mr Flanders... And maybe this will prompt him to fix the bad code again. And, notably, if I'm correct, he'll also have to rewrite the article itself. It's a big deal.

And while he's at it, there might be an issue with β (beta) Scorpii. I thought the star name was Graffias; they show Acrab. This I don't think is an error; it's just an alternate name.


I've tried to determine if κ Her does have a name or not.

According to Jim Kaler, this star is aka Marsic. He goes on to say that it may be called Marfak. Huh.

But the Star Names page over at MSU (Michigan State) says that Marsic refers to χ (chi) Her. OK.

So, I don't know what's correct, at the mo. Except that Marfik is not kappa.

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