Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sun pillar (Mississauga)

I don't drive my "summer" car in the winter. But today's weather report was looking good so I decided to drive to work. Today's work was in Mississauga, at Eglinton and Hurontario. Another epicentre for radicals to hail the centre of the Universe. Or near to it, Square One.

Having switched my travel plans at the last minute, I had some extra time on my hands. When I arrived at the client location 30 minutes ahead of schedule, I popped into the Second Cup for some joe and a treat.

As I sipped the hot, black fluid, from a comfy chair, and read the dismal news from the Toronto Star, I glanced outside. When I looked to the south, I saw a pillar of sunlight. I could not see the Sun: it was too low below the strip mall buildings. But a narrow bright fiery pillar rose vertical from the Sun's position to the cloud bank above. While not direct sunlight, it still was very bright. As I stared at it, mesmerised, it burned out my vision. I had to look away after a time.

I scanned for sundogs and a halo. Couldn't see any other features.

Over time it lessened.

A nice treat for my Tuesday morning.

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