Wednesday, November 05, 2008

impromptu observing (Don Mills)

After the NOVA lesson about the Moon, we congregated in the Science Centre's north parking lot, east edge. Denis had his giant binos on an Orion mount. I mounted my cheapo binos on my cheapo DIY bino clamp on my monster tripod.

Moon was at first quarter. The craters in the south hemisphere were pronounced in long shadows.

I caught a star just above, to the left, about 11 o'clock position, about 2 to 3 moon diameters away, and asked NOVA class participants if they could see it. I encouraged them to note it in their logs...

Jupiter was too low now. Too bad.

We could see some stars. But it was a little foggy. Seeing below an altitude of 15° was very poor. Vega was visible. In binos, we could see ε (epsilon) Lyra, or at least the main pair of the Double Double. I could see Deneb easily and a couple of other stars of Cygnus. Tried for Albireo. But I'm not sure if I got it. Pat spotted the Great Square directly overhead. With that we could see parts of the Andromeda constellation, Cassiopeia, Perseus. I tried to spot The Big Dipper so to view Mizar and Alcor. But it was completely fogged out.

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