Monday, September 01, 2008

quick viewing (Blue Mountains)

1:01 AM. C14. 72 and 78 Peg. Tried to split. 0.5" and 0.8". Used my 36mm, TV 27mm Panoptic, TV 20mm Nagler, and TV 13mm Nagler—no joy.

1:15. NGC 7789. Wow. Cas. Beautiful rich dense field, open cluster.

1:18. Small faint globular cluster, NGC 6712 in Scu.

1:24. Cat's Eye in Dra. aka 6543. Could see green or aqua. Almond shape, bright centre. [ed: aka Caldwell 6.]

1:27. Blinking Planetary (6826). Fantastic aqua green colour. Even. The central star looks green. Fascinating. The blinking effect is marked with averted vision. [ed: aka Caldwell 15.]

Helix (7293), very faint in the C14. Pulled my eyepiece for the Meade 55mm Super Plössl. Still faint. What did Ian do? Did he use a filter? [ed: aka Caldwell 63.]

1:42. NGC 253 in Sculptor. Canted galaxy, dust lanes. Very large in my 36mm FOV. Edge to edge! [ed: aka Caldwell 65.]

2:04. NGC 5907. Small, edge on galaxy.

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