Sunday, August 31, 2008

learned TheSky6

This is the software we use (you have to use, I understand) to drive the C14 telescope atop a Paramount ME.

I started to read the PDF manual (I downloaded) today. I was absorbing general information. But I was also looking for the option that was causing the view of the sky to snap back to where the telescope was pointed. It would have taken a while to find that setting actually...

Meanwhile, Dietmar answered my email question about this. It is the "lock in" switch buried in the Telescope Setup. As soon as he mentioned it, I vaguely recalled that he actually previously cautioned me about this option. Oops. Thank you, Dietmar!


As I was reading the user guide, I wondered if there was a keyboard shortcut reference anywhere. Probably not! I'll look around the net. If I can't find out, I'll make one...

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