Friday, August 29, 2008

keys to the kingdom

Well. Sorta.

I was a little worried that Tom and I would arrive at the Carr Astronomical Observatory before Ian W (the weekend supervisor) would. Tom, who I was getting a ride with, he needed to briefly access the library, drop stuff off and pick up some items for return. I wanted to start reconfiguring the network...

So, Thursday evening, returning from Mississauga, I dropped by Dietmar's to get the keys to the house. He gave me a physical key (for the dead bolt) and a proximity card (for the scanner).

I re-read the CAO facilities manual to refamiliarise myself with the opening procedure (and along the way found more (but unrelated) mistakes in the manual—sheesh, need to do more editing!).

We arrived (after passing all the majestic windmills north of Shelburne) shortly after 10:00 AM. I opened the house. No drama. Pretty easy. Well described.

Then I turned on the water and water heater. And started to settle in.

Looking forward to (after midnight) some very clear skies...

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