Friday, June 27, 2008

how to hide a bus

It was 12:45 PM. Many had congregated at the east end of Harry M Arthur Commons green space, as directed. But? Where was our chartered bus? Shouldn't it be here by now?

Katrina was nervous. She called registration and (repeatedly) Denis to get answers, the company name, the bus driver's direct mobile number.

Meanwhile, holding an empty water bottle, I scanned my surroundings to locate a place of disposal. Ah ha! I spotted recycle bins at the south-west corner of Ian MacDonald Blvd and York Blvd (i.e. the south-side, east-bound loop of York Blvd).

As I deposited the plastic into the "cans only" bin, I happened to glance west. Huh. Big white coach bus with no logo (i.e. not a Viva, TTC, or GO bus). As I circled in, like a moth, I radioed Denis for a check of the carrier. It matched. At the pristine pearl door, I did not see a driver. I knocked and wandered around. The door opened...

After a quick chat with the driver, I had found our bus.


If I had not decided to dispose of my recycleable materials, we might not have been underway (in A/C comfort) on time.

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