Saturday, June 14, 2008

visual almanac

When I was up at the CAO, I noticed the Sky & Telescope 2008 Almanac. You can presently buy this from the Sky & Telescope store for $2.

It is colourful, informative, intriguing. I considered buying one. But that would be kinda silly, all by itself...

So, I decided to make my own visual almanac (for 45° latitude). Inspired by, you'll be happy to note, the "Right Ascensions of the Sun and Planets 2008" graph in the Observer's Handbook. I used Macromedia Fireworks to do it.

I enhanced my version.
  • full colour, i.e. indigo background, coloured planets
  • realistic twilight
  • twilight encroaching in the corners
  • uncluttered vertical axes
  • Mercury inferior and superior conjunctions shown
Hope you like it.

Warning: the full size image is approx. 3000 pixels square.


Note: My version corrects are error in the Observer's Handbook. The labels for Jupiter and Pluto in the handbook are flipped. Jupiter should be at the bottom, the wavy line; whereas, Pluto should be at the top, the nearly straight line.

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