Sunday, August 19, 2007

noisy in the 'hood (Awenda)

We had a pleasant day today at the park.

At 2 or 3 PM there were few clouds in a very blue sky. I even considered heading down to the beach...

Again, got dinner done early. Dishes cleaned. And settled in near the very hot fire.

When I felt drops?!

At 8 PM, I saw skies like the night before: high thin wisps. White patches here and there... I dunno.

I might just drive to Kettle's to see what's up...

Am I getting desperate?


Went to Kettle's Lake.

It would really be the best venue for a large crowd. The lower-lower dock would easily hold 50 people. Watch the edge...

The accessibility ramps would serve as queues.

The only problem is, it faces south-east. I could just barely see Jupiter over the trees... At around 8:30 PM.

Once again, this sojourn reminds me that Kettle's is good for sunrise activities and First-Second Beach is good for sunset.

The purpose of this little evening trip of course was to star gaze. But Jupiter was fading in and out, high clouds covered the sky, and they seemed stationary.

I popped down to the Beach on the off-chance... Pretty sunset. But lots of clouds. No sign of the moon, in fact. Dubhe, Arcturus, Vega, Altair, Deneb begged me to stay...


Crap! Returned to my camp site and heard my palmtop beeping! Holy cow. I left it in a chair. An alarm started at 9:00 PM and it was 20 minutes after. Good thing it was dark. People would not be able to tell where the sound was coming from... Still, I felt bad for disturbing my fellow campers.

Well. Heh. Except for the goofs across from me, those who burn dead wood, wash their dishes at the water station, and do nothing to make the young daughter stop crying (or continually cause her to cry).

And I wasn't too worried about bothering the people beside the rest station. Who play the radio in their truck, who have tarp, canvas, nylon, and screen covering every square foot of their site, and light up their site at night like a shopping mall parking lot.

OK. That's a little mean on my part.

I would have bothered (if they were around) the couple at site 140, immediately beside me. They had visitors today, looked like parents, and they all disappeared in the early afternoon. Perhaps for a dinner out? Late dinner out. With dessert? And cocktails? And dancing?!

Thoughts of theft flickered through my mind. If I had gone for 4 or 5 hours, someone would surely have lifted my palmtop.

I also projected, at what stage would I have realised it missing? Then I would have been betwixted and between, if I had set up the telescope...

Funny how it goes.

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