Monday, August 20, 2007

chat with participants

Bumped into a man and his son at the washroom.

"Blake?" the father asked tentatively as I finished washing my face.


He wanted to know where we went on Thursday night. "We tried to find you."

I explained we went to the observation deck between First and Second Beach. I confirmed for him that it was by the Beaver Pond entrance. I asked when they came down.

"Around 10 o'clock."

I told him I didn't leave until midnight.

"We didn't see any cars."

That's too bad. I would have had a few more visitors! Yikes!

Nevertheless, they were thrilled to report an ISS sighting last night. They had looked on the web, at NASA's site, etc., and found space station fly-over information. Good for them! Funny how I was not interested in wide-sky last night...

They asked what the bright point about "2 inches" behind it, following the same path, might have been. We discussed that it was probably the undocked shuttle, slowly drifting away, staying close until the de-orbit burn.


Another lesson learned... We should give very clear directions to the new or less-familiar or directionally-challenged park visitors. And maybe I should have a map showing at the end.

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