Saturday, July 28, 2007

have folding cart will travel

I set off early today to obtain a garden cart.

Canadian Tire was blowing out the discontinued Yard Works mesh two-tier and folding carts. With pneumatic tires, a pull handle, and what appeared to be two large decks and impressive weight-bearing capacity, I tried to buy the two-tier version for an amazing $30 (regularly $100). After visiting 4 stores in the Greater Toronto Area, none of which had any in stock, or when their system showed that they did, they couldn't find them, I realised that I needed to shift gears. The 407 and Dufferin store had the folding version in stock.

Hmmm. I hadn't really thought through something. Where was I going to store the non-folding version? The garage is maxed out! Also, the folding one was more expensive. OK. It was $36 (regularly $120)!

The real concern was: would it be wide enough? With the sides like a wagon, would I be able to fit the telescope case, paperwork boxes, tripod, counter weights, etc. in it?

What the heck! Even if I can't use it, I'll have not trouble getting rid of it.

After some fiddly assembly back at home, I took it for a test drive.

It is going to be awesome for lugging telescope gear! In fact, at Awenda, from parking lot to dock, for example, it will reduce the 4 or 5 trips to 1! Same thing with RASC City Observing Sessions.

The particulars:
  • detachable pull handle (so you can tow it)
  • handle also folds over cart during storage
  • lies about 10" thick when folded
  • large pneumatic tires (to absorb shock)
  • wheels are at edges of cart for good balance
  • can take 300 kg of weight!
  • life-time warranty
The inner dimensions within the 9" tall walls are 19.5" x 39". More than enough room for the OTA case, either on its end or lying down. Perfect.

Incredibly, it fits in my car trunk!

I can't wait to use this! Sheesh, we can go off-roading!

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