Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GE plastic

While at the DDO, Brian had suggested I visit "GE Plastics" on Airport Rd. They would be able to hook me up with some good stuff for my light table prototype deck.

Today I visited GE Polymershapes in Brampton. Went to the Cash and Carry counter at the back. Told the guy, "I don't know what I want exactly. A translucent or white thin sheet of plastic that will scatter light. Oh, and a clear sheet too."

He wandered off. A little while later the primadonna sauntered back, not making eye-contact, taking a phone call. Weird. We waited some more. Finally, he returned with some largish sheets.

"Here. Merry Christmas. Bye."

I scooted.


I chatted with a skinhead ex-semi-pro football (i.e. soccer) player while waiting. He suggested I try UHMW. He believes it scatters light well.

We'll see how this while plastic does in full dark conditions.

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