Thursday, February 02, 2023

spoke on doubles

Delivered my talk for the North York Astronomical Association on visually observing double stars.

Felt like it went well.

Lots of good questions after.

Good to see some familiar faces.

I sent over a PDF version of my slide deck at the end.


Received a nice note from Malcolm P:

I enjoyed your talk also.  You might be surprised to hear this, but I have been observing double stars!  The optics on my Edge HD 9.25" are very good and it helps to have good optics.  I started doing this at star parties.

He helped distribute my PDF file.


Some nice words from Frank, the prez:

It was a great presentation, Blake, and resonated with many people already familiar with the topic, and generated positive comments about the presentation.  As expected, it 'focussed' attention on double star observing and I thought that you did a good job pointing out why observers should observe them.  Also I appreciate your assistance in providing a pdf version of your presentation.  Thanks again!

I sent him links to my double stars measuring video and supplemental notes.

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