Saturday, September 17, 2022

hazy planets (St Thomas)

After dinner—after the mosquitos—we headed to the deck. My sister and BIL's amazing verdant deck with comfy chairs and solar lights. Lovely evening.

Straight ahead there was a fuzzy point of light, rather dim initially. I was certain it was Jupiter. That became obvious when the barely visible clouds thinned.

To the right, but left of the tree near the stairs, I could faintly see Saturn, even without my corrective specs. I pointed it out to my sis. Then I showed her my Stellarium app screen. "Cool," she remarked.

the gas giants

"But where's the Moon?!" I bumbled an explanation, trying to say that being past the full Moon phase, it wasn't up yet. Fired up Daff Moon on my Android. Showed that screen too. Nearing Third Quarter phase... It would rise near 11 PM.

Remarkably humid.

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