Saturday, January 29, 2022

clear skies, for now

Stunning transparency... in daylight. From the Bradford "mountain" (i.e. old town, near the water tower) I could clearly see the ridge on the south side of the Holland Marsh, toward Kettleby and Snowball.

Noticed, while pissy blue jays squawked, terrorising all the other birds, as I walked north, back home, there was not a cloud in the sky. Wind on my face. Still bitter cold.

Will the clear atmosphere hold into this evening? Hoping again for good transparency and excellent seeing... If clear, and slightly warmer, I'll collimate the 10-inch Dobsonian (with my DSLR).

Must. Split. Sirius.


Let's see...

Clear Sky Chart for Bradford area for 29 Jan 2022

Clear Sky Chart's not lookin' good. Hrrm.

Wait! Transparency erodes before midnight but the seeing is above average!

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