Wednesday, November 24, 2021

in the end

To my loyal readers... I'm still around. "Not dead yet." To quote Monty Python. But I'm still shell-shocked by what happened to me on October 16...


Today was pivotal.

I sent a formal letter to the RASC Toronto Centre. We'll see what happens...

My blood pressure is high.

My doctor is concerned.

Clearly, I need to chill.

Astronomy is good. In many ways. And under normal circumstances it makes me calm. That's a feeling I often experience when I look at things through the telescope: calm. Extreme, deep calm. 

The Universe slowly churning away, spinning, evolving, and letting us have a look around. Developing our theories and insights and rules.

I will endeavour to find some time under the stars. That's what matters. That said, it's hard this time of year. But I continue to closely watch the Clear Sky Charts...

In the end, there's no reason to be mean or vindictive or hold a grudge. But some hold grudges. They MUST win. No matter what. But they don't get it. Funny/odd when astronomers don't understand that. There's NO, zero, point in fighting. 'Cause you're gonna die, sooner or later.


Unknown said...

Please take care of yourself. You matter! Miss your posts friend. said...

Miss your posts Blake.