Sunday, May 16, 2021

could this be the beginning of the end?

Warning: some cussing is contained in this post. If you're offended by foul talk and potty mouths, you better stop now.

I came across an article at The Verge on the Starlink wireless satellite internet system. It's a very interesting piece, I was captivated, intrigued, perturbed, and angered as I read through it.

The author, Nilay Patel, does not give the system a thumb's up. Now, their assessment of performance is likely limited by location. And, in theory, when more units fill in gaps in the constellation, reliability and speed will improve. Good and a bad thing...

But what was most fascinating to me was the depth of the article. The author touched on many related matters. There are a dozen URL links I need to follow up on. 

Also, they really came out bashing the telcos for dropping the ball. Yes. Yes, indeed. And it is interesting to note that there's as big a problem in the US and A as in rural Canada. The Great Divide. Made more apparent with a global pandemic! It sheds some light on the recent activities of our little ISP on the Blue Mountain.

What dismayed me the most though was the remark said that people are now so desperate for decent internet service and they are so fed up with the telcos that they are saying "fuck telescopes" and they don't care about the impact in terms of light and radio spectrum pollution. It is very "damning."

And that made me very sad. 

If Musk and others say fuck visual and radio astronomy then this hobby might be soon dead.

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