Saturday, February 08, 2020

tried Sequator

Wanted to try stacking my Orion shots. And I wanted to try Sequator by Yi-Ruei Wu. So I downloaded the 64-bit app, the 1.5.5 version.

It's fairly easy to use and rather fast. Mind you, I had a simple project. Played with the light pollution settings a bit but found them too aggressive.

So this is the result of converting to TIFFs, setting the middle image in the sequence as the "base", stacking the 19 images with the Auto Brightness setting on, the Sky Region set to ignore the trees, and the LP to the weakest setting, intelligent option off. Oh, and levels, curves, saturation in the GIMP.

Orion and Taurus 19 images stacked

Huh. Interesting!


I think I'm seeing errors in the stack... Double stars in some places where there are no double stars?

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