Saturday, November 10, 2018

helped at musical astronomical evening

Helped at the RASC Toronto Centre special event Beyond the Skies held at the David Dunlap Observatory.

This was an unique evening with jazz music by The Calderons, regular alcoholic beverages along with themed cocktails, and some astronomy. Amazingly, we had clear skies. I wore a few hats. I helped with audio-visual setup and teardown for the band and the speakers Ian W and Bhairavi. With my new Smart Serve certification, I assisted Reanu at the bar. And I helped with general tasks too.

I was surprised to get asked to debug an issue for Denise and Chris with the 74-inch telescope. Busy night, long, but lots of fun.

Peter V shot photos and loaded them up to a Facebook album.

interesting astro-beers served at special event

We offered a couple of science-themed beers. In addition to Space Invader and Cosmic and Corona, we had a couple I hadn't heard of: Thrust! An IPA and Lost In Orbit. Thrust! is by Great Lakes Brewery while Lost in Orbit, an IPA session beer, is by Nickel Brook Brewing.

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Unknown said...

Our Jo worked on the graphics for the Cameron beers. So proud of her and it is good beer to boot!