Saturday, July 21, 2018

did some IT work

Helped at the DDO with IT matters.

First Chris and I visited the dome and gathered together miscellaneous computer peripherals. There are a few keyboards and mice now so to help run some of the boxes we pulled from storage. I helped Chris with the PA system which he was very pleased with. We found a mobile computer cart that would prove useful for the Skylab setup. We returned to the Admin building.

We labelled and tested the various system units. Some were running Windows; some Linux. We reviewed all the video boards available. The newest, unfortunately, needs a special power input from the PSU and now of the machines would support this. But a dual-out video board with PCI-E interface looked promising. I installed it in one of the extra Dell OptiPlex machines and got it working well with the official drivers installed. We elected to make this computer the prime unit for the Skylab. I installed Stellarium 0.18.1. I gathered together the needed cables so it would be self-standing, complete. We configured and tested it in the presentation room. Good stuff.

Then I set up the Canon multi-function printer. I configured it to offer a wireless access point and did test printing from my old netbook computer. Shared the good news with Bhairavi.

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