Sunday, February 05, 2017

10 to go

Wow. With the capture of NGC 4088, from the RASC Finest NGC list I only have 10 more targets to go. 10 or less.

That is to say, 10 more targets from my life list of observed/photographed targets. The RASC Finest NGC list in the Observer's Handbook has 110 (more or less) entries. A year ago, when I started using the Burke-Gaffney telescope, I had taken in about three-quarters. BGO (so far) has helped me image about 30 never-seen-before celestial treats.

Not sure if I will be able to image all of these remaining items as some are very low, possibly too low to the horizon for the Halifax telescope. I have to put the Mark-I eyeball to these.

Some are out of season, like 1232. Will have to wait to next winter...

But many are coming up soon. w00t!

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