Sunday, January 08, 2017

a skein

In the tradition of group or company names for animals, I thought I'd try some labels for groups of deep sky objects. It all started with "gaggle of galaxies" which has a nice ring to it...

For your consideration...

an ostentation of asteroids
a flutter of aurora
a covey of comets
a bask of crepuscular rays
a deceit of double stars
an exaltation of exoplanets
a gaggle of galaxies
a pride of globulars
a knot of nebulae
a murmuration of Messiers
a muster of meteors
a nye of NGCs
a clutch of open clusters
a parliament of planets
a pack of planetaries
a siege of satellites
a smack of Sharpless
a wisp of sundogs
a watch of variables

What do you think?

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