Friday, December 25, 2015

gifts received

Received some astro-themed and sci-fi-related gifts.

In a small gift bag with Sun and Moon graphics, a knit item from Donna.

The Starship Enterprise. With glow-in-the-dark wool highlights.

A cylindrical wrapped item revealed an old LIFE magazine (without the torn corner) from Mom.

June 1983 edition. Timely.

A funny gift card.

With the Jedi master.

Another knitted gift from Donna.

Wristers with Space Invaders.

Some stationary things. White board markers and a business card holder with space theme. And a Saturn stamp.

Also received a fleece-lined helmet face mask.

All right. I haven't been able to find my balaclava for a long time... Not that winter stargazing has been terribly cold.

And a hard cover book picture book from Mom.

Hubble Imaging Space and Time National Geographic book. Cool!

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