Saturday, May 23, 2015

helped at spring '15 work party

Assisted at the Carr Astronomical Observatory spring work party. We did a lot of stuff.
  • New dimmable lights in kitchen.
  • Water pump cut-off switch.
  • New glass for the kitchen windows.
  • New efficient toilet for the downstairs bathroom.
  • New planet walk signs.
  • GBO roof rails ground and painted.
  • Door installed to furnace/work room, at last!
  • Kitchen cupboard valances built.
  • Fixed damaged section of accessibility ramp.
And, finally, a screen door for the Geoff Brown Observatory warm room. Yeh!

Also, we did many of the seasonal tasks.

Good weather, for a change.

A great crew!


We also fixed some of the Adirondack chairs and askew picnic tables.


Photos available in the (private) Yahoo!Group album.

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