Tuesday, January 29, 2013

found the exposure simultation

Found it! I found the exposure simulation for the Live View. As I read about it, it started to come back to me. I remembered seeing it, at some point, in the menus. Probably became aware of the feature, on my first read-through of the user guide, but didn't appreciate what it meant.

Turned it on in the camera, via one the special Function menus, and then tried the EOS Utility again. Woo hoo! It worked. And, suddenly, I had the histogram too! Sweet.

I need to get a shout-out to Rob for the tip on his Digital Photography Insights site.

It also means the "footnote" on the Canon help page is correct...


For the 40D, it is in the Custom Functions menu, Operation/Others menu (item 4), Live View exposure simulation (option 7). Or in Canon's nomenclature: C.Fn IV -7.

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