Saturday, December 08, 2012

camera 4 up

Tony and I repaired the camera 4 wiring.

We started by looking at the power source. We confirmed that wall warts, one for each camera, were connected to the UPS behind the server. Curious. Dietmar must have missed there. We swapped the supplies. Confirmed the number 4 supply was good (it powered a different camera). And confirmed a known-good supply did not recover the camera 4 feed.

Outside we tested the power line and saw good volts up to the junction. All right. That meant we'd not need to do attic recon.

On wiggling the cables, we saw the camera image come up briefly. This confirmed the problem was in the power line between the junction and the camera body.

We brought the camera inside and looked closely at the wire. At first I wondered if it was oscillating from the wind. But we decided that mice gnawed on the power wire. Little bastards.

We repaired the line. Reinstalled. All good.

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