Saturday, November 03, 2012

did a survey

Kiron and I surveyed the grounds. We had one additional centimetre of snow overnight. Truck still stuck.

Shot lots of photos. In particular, took photos of the outside and inside of the MODLs. Put the photos in Dropbox. Sent reports to the crew. Moved a wicker basket for the Dos Santos. Found a lot of water in Ostap's. Maybe due to the door orientation. Turned off all his power bars. Phil and Dietmar's PODs were fine—a little bit of water. Couldn't get in Ian's.

Overall, pretty good. No damage from the hurricane. Thank goodness.

Settled into some other chores. We finished moving the furniture in. The new couches looked great together. Tony requested a dresser to be brought down (which somehow added some value to the trip). I set about changing everything with a clock (and there were a lot!). Wanted to change the batteries in the Davis weather station console. Wanted to test the smoke and CO alarms. While Kiron wanted to do more work on the parts inventory.

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