Wednesday, November 09, 2011

delivered TSTM for Nov-Dec

In Francois's absence, I delivered The Sky This Month presentation this evening to the RASC Toronto Centre meeting at the Ontario Science Centre. Got a thumbs-up from Sharmin!

I will put the materials online, on the RASC TC web site, in short order.


The article was posted... Link killed. Look on the lumpy darkness companion site's presentations page.


The highlights:
  • the Sun is regularly spotty now
  • the Moon will likely interfere with the Leonids peak
  • the Moon will pose, with Mercury and Venus, for photos on Nov 25 and 26
  • Jupiter is still fantastic, particular when there are shadows and GRSs
  • Mars is growing
  • comet Garradd is turning left in Hercules
  • space exploration attempts continue
  • there are some rather curious conferences and workshops
  • deep sky targets abound in Ursa Minor, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Pisces, Cetus, and Sculptor

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