Sunday, May 30, 2010

picnic table solar observing (Toronto)

Last night, Guy or Charles asked if I had done solar observing with the Questar. I said I hadn't. And I wasn't even sure if it had the solar filter included. When I had previously opened the case, it was dark...

Today, Sun ablazing, I opened old leather case. And there, tucked under the legs, was the off-axis solar filter. Only makes sense: this 'scope Ralph has taken on eclipse trips!

It was a good opportunity to try all the accessories! Read the small manual. Attached the included legs to turn it from an altitude-azimuth mount to equatorial. I plugged in the AC cord to activate the motor. Eyeballed NCP over my shoulder. And, of course, added the solar filter.

Nice view of the Sun (through very dirty eyepieces). Sadly, I could not see sunspots... They are too small (according to SOHO).

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