Monday, March 15, 2010

new header

For some indescribable reason, perhaps because of all the other screwing around with the site, I suddenly felt like tackling the header banner area of the RASC Toronto Centre web.

I started out by moving all the... stuff... that was cluttering up the top-right corner. Mostly links off our site. I moved them into a new "quick links" bar below the seal and wordmark. It looked OK, actually. So I made the change through the entire site.

Then I started to slog at the header area. Had to rework the logo seal in Fireworks to get the background transparent. Then I had to rework the wordmark in Illustrator and then Fireworks to get it reversed and, again, with a transparent background. Can't see it here but there's a shadow behind that text.

I drafted a "form" to Council for proposed wording of the photograph release. I first asked for this sometime before 25 July 2008. 'Cause on that date, I was asking the second time.

In the meantime, I grabbed a public domain image. Fiddled again in Fireworks finally converting a foreground gradient rectangle to alpha to get the proper fade-to-black on the left edge.

Hacked the home page template using DIVs and bunch of CSS-P to get everything to work.

It actually works in Firefox and my old crappy version of IE. Amazing.

We'll see how people react tomorrow...

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