Friday, February 19, 2010

a temperature change

When I saw the house temperature rise on the CAO weather station page, I knew Tony and the scout pack had arrived! I phoned in to see how everything was going. They had arrived 30 minutes before, were getting settling in, and making dinner. Like us, they had not needed snow shoes for the trek in.


We talked a bit of shop. I explained where I had packed one of the 2-1¼" adapters in the GBO. I reminded him of our unwelcome visitors in the warm room. When I explained that I had been unsuccessful at opening the generator shed, he said he'd check the keys. When he saw all the cashish in the donation jar, I told him that I had seen some there on my trip; and it reminded me that I had spotted Mom putting in a $20. Forgot about that.

We also briefly chatted about the new membership application pages I had prototyped last night. Overall, he said satisfied with them, liked my wording of the headline text, liked my example for a family and the associate fee breakdown. That was good to hear. He also helped me understand the ongoing need for the Life Member forms.

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