Tuesday, October 07, 2008

not looking good

This year's star party in Sharon for the kids of Our Lady of Good Counsel was signalled that it would go ahead. But as I left downtown, the skies had some scattered clouds. By the time I got home, there was increasing cloud cover. I called Leslie on her mobile and she said it was not looking good. And she intimated it would be OK if I didn't show. I called Phil in Richmond Hill and asked if he could check his skies. He said it was socked in to the north.

The weather rock was dry; but it had no shadow...

He reminded me to check the NOAA page. Right! Oh oh. As he viewed, he said, "Oh, that blue region is getting close. That's good." I reminded him that that was the opposite: blue is bad. I teased him that he should read my past SCOPE article.

Later Phil sent me a link to Intellicast's infrared satellite imagery for North America. Nice reports. Although I can tell they like pop-ups!

Leslie later reported they scrubbed the star party for this evening; they're going to try again for Thursday, their pre-selected rain date. But I am unfortunately not available...

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