Thursday, March 27, 2008

GMT on phone

A month or so ago I bought a new mobile phone. On sale. Very cheap. More modern than my Sanyo from Clearnet days!

It has a variety of "canned" desktop images built-in that you may use as the "wallpaper" on the main screen. I tried the ladybug (too summery) and the road over rolling hills (too Microsofty). Then I settled on the world map, even though I'm not a jet-setter. I set the time for the world map to Winnipeg/some-US-city to show the Central time zone during the Shuttle launch, with docked operations based out of Houston, Texas.

With the shuttle mission ended, the CST (or CDT) zone didn't seem quite right.

In a flash of inspiration, I set it to London (UK) so to match Greenwich Mean Time!

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