Monday, February 04, 2008

visual gear to toolbox

Last fall, I purchased a second large 3 drawer toolbox from Canadian Tire (on sale of course). This precipitated a big shuffle of tools. When the dust settled, a medium-sized, plastic toolbox remained empty. And so it sat until today.

I moved all my "visual" telescope gear into this box. That is, all my eyepieces, the new (large) Williams Optics mirror diagonal, Barlow, cleaning supplies and cloths, and so on.

I have yet to add the old mirror diagonal and old yellow filter. There will be room to spare.

I'll get some foam padding installed to prevent things from flopping around. I'll get some desiccant in there to deal with dew. And I'll need to install some red lighting of course!

This move has made more room and reduced the weight (for now) in the two other astronomy boxes.

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