Saturday, March 31, 2007

Neptune plotted

Yesterday, as I was building my Uranus planet track plot diagram, I learned a few things...
  • don’t make the display mirror-reversed, at least for public use
  • note, inside the image, the orientation
  • add constellation name(s) (I remembered at the last minute)
  • crop overall size, early on (to dramatically reduce file size, speed image software speed, and speed of animation)
  • when the apparent motion slows, in the loop, start skipping dates, i.e. go every two weeks, maybe even three (so to unclutter the display); add leader lines?
  • add a viewfinder field or a Telrad reticule
Hard lessons learned while doing second job...
  • don’t select the background bitmap image when dragging from one frame to another
  • don’t forget to regularly back up the file!
  • do things in a “batch” order to avoid time loss flicking back and forth between editing modes, i.e. place each node “close” to position; then move each node precisely to position; adjust Bezier curve controls; etc.
You can sense that I got a little frustrated today. When the dust settled, I thought of some other things to include in these diagrams.
  • add a copyright inside the image
  • add a scale in degrees or minutes or whatever the appropriate scale or add grid markers
Here's the finished Neptune file:


Now I should go back and redo the Uranus file.

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