Monday, February 12, 2007

Mercury from The Queensway (Toronto)

I haven't gone to the cinema in ages.

Was to rendezvous with a friend at the Cineplex Odeon Queensway at Islington in Etobicoke for a 6:45 showing. He was a little tied up and further delayed on the north subway to fetch his car. Meanwhile I headed west on the subway to get there early and buy tickets. The timing was perfect.

As the 110 bus moved closer to The Queensway, I rose from my seat, and readied myself to exit on the back steps. Over the small bungalows, in a prismatic sky, was Venus, ablaze. But my breath kept fogging the narrow door windows.

Outside, after I crossed the street, I began cutting across the nearly empty parking lot. And once again, faintly, as a very small point of light, I could see Mercury. Fantastic. Now it was 10 to 11° from Venus.

I forgot to check the time. But I think when I got in the cinema lobby and called my friend it was about quarter after 6.

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