Monday, November 27, 2006

nichrome everywhere!

Maybe I'm over-analysing this but I want to make sure that the nichrome wire I have, now from two old toasters, is not wasted. So I double- and triple-checked my calculations. Then I redid the calculations from a different "direction" to arrive at more satisfying and consistent results. And finally moved to building an early prototype for my binoculars. This test meant running it off the portable 12V battery through the Kendrick (first-generation) controller to 4 heating elements configured in series. And, happily, it works (I'll report on the design in detail later). The next step is to build the wrapping material which I'll be able to Velcro around the bino lenses and eyepieces. I'll try to do that at Mom's over the holidays...

While prototyping, I remembered seeing my digital thermometer in my bathroom. So I grabbed it and clamped it to the nichrome wire during testing. Somewhat inconclusive, being a digital device, and apparently very sensitive to movement. In fact, for a moment, I was wondering if the thermometer wasn't working properly. So I dug out the user manual (or should I say "user sheet") from my files.

Now, as I was doing that, I also stumbled across the small user manual for my old hair dryer. I ran back down to the bathroom thinking, I haven't seen that hair dryer for years! I wasn't even sure I still had it. But I dug into a bin and there it was, the "New Generation" BV-12 1250W hair dryer, at the back, coiled in its cord, filled with more than a few dust bunnies.

Ah ha! The next nichrome contributor. It will serve up its innards for The Cause. Particularly since there is no long hair on my head to dry anymore. ;-)

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