Tuesday, September 19, 2006

repairing polar scope

After dropping the Super Polaris German Equatorial Mount, I discovered that the eyepiece focuser would not turn. It was at an angle, one side having jumped one thread. It took a lot of force to finally get it out. Happily, there was no damage, other than some bruising to the plastic knurled grip of the focuser.

While affecting this repair, I decided to completely disassemble the entire eyepiece. I removed the old grease and added small amounts of white lithium grease.

In the process, I learned that the long tube is to be turned by design. Turning it in or out will focus the star field image. The focuser ring near the viewer's eye is for focusing on the internal reticule.

I also released the three grub screws holding the reticule. I'll have to recentre that now...

I'm quite pleased. I've learned even more about the polar scope and the new grease has improved the smoothness of the sliding rotating parts.

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