Saturday, March 04, 2006

comet hunting 1 (Union)

Location: Union, Ontario.

Got up about 1 hour before sunrise (5:55) to check conditions. It was clear! And very cold.

I headed outside and shut off all the security lights (side door, deck, and garage). Headed to the driveway which offers surprisingly good east exposure. The light near the road was on and annoying--I must learn how to turn that off.

Couldn't see any smudges... Headed to the backyard.

Jupiter was bright to the SSW, about 10 or 15 deg right of Scorpio. Could see 3 or 4 points through the binocs. At first, I mistook all these for moons. The bottom left is not a moon; nearest is G, then E and C, moving up and to the right. Io was moving in front of Jup...

Venus was spectacular.

Stayed out for the sunrise. Came in at 7:08am. Noticed the pink and dark violet banding in the west... I can't remember what that is called and where I read about it...

Couldn't find the comet. But then I didn't know exactly where to look.

Came out a little late, I think.

Rooster, crows, and others birds waking. Blue jays are back! That's a sure sign of spring.

Forgot my watch. Didn't know where my red flashlight was. So, tomorrow, I'll try again and be better prepared. My glasses kept fogging up. Should have brought my contact lenses...


Sketchy notes. Was it comet PojmaƄski, officially designated C/2006 A1, that I was trying for?

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