Thursday, November 17, 2005

errors in Sky Atlas

I was just reading Tom Polakis's review of the Second Edition of Wil Tirion's excellent Sky Atlas 2000. I don't know why exactly but I was surprised to learn there are errors in the first book! It only makes sense, I guess. Any work of this magnitude (no pun intended) is bound to have errors.

I have the non-laminated, large "book," Deluxe Edition © 1981, reprinted in 1989, with black stars (down to magnitude 8.0) on a white background.

I'm going to add the Second Ed to my "wish list!"


Some errors noted on various web sites:
  • M24 points to a small open cluster in the vicinity rather than the small Sagittarius star cloud (chart 22)
  • the Vela Supernova Remnant can be mistaken for the nearby Gum Nebula (chart 20)
  • NGC 254: it is misidentified as NGC 259 (chart 18)
  • 2962: incorrectly marked as 2967 in Hydra on Field Edition first edition (chart 13)
  • 3203: incorrectly marked as 2303 on Field edition #1 (chart 20)
  • Sharpless 301 nebula, an unmarked box, in Canis Major (chart 19)
  • Cederblad 150: an unmarked box which is between M6 and M7 in Scorpius (chart 22)
So now I'm interested in finding a listing or a report of what the errors are. And I'll then mark corrections in my first edition...

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