Friday, July 29, 2005

observing with Mom's 'scope (Union)

This is the first occasion where I made a point of not taking my telescope down to Mom's. Now that she's got her own (sic), I'll I need to do is bring my notes or star charts.

Cousin David and his girls Miranda and Rachel and Aunt Pauline were visiting. So we enjoyed the 'scope, over 2 nights. Thursday night was very clear but very humid. My books were soaked! The next night was not damp at all but overcast. We only saw Jupiter briefly.

It occured to me that there's more gear that I needed. It wasn't enough to have the books. I need my (red) flashlights, stool, software, dew heaters, and my telescope's eyepieces. So there's more I'll need to pack next time!


Early during my visit to Mom, I rejigged the telescope on the mount, so collisions would be reduced. It worked better. Still, it doesn't seem as easy to use as my EQ mount.


Mom and I discussed some pie-in-the-sky plans for building a permanent observatory. I was surprised to find she's not opposed to the idea. I sketched a special, elevated observing deck, employing a tall central post, mounted in concrete.

As I sat on the roof of her garage waiting for planets to appear, I even considered a platform on the very top of the house!


I thought of the Shuttle astronauts overhead... docked to the International Space Station.

I should plan to try to observe the ISS sometime.

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