Sunday, August 17, 2003

raging horde at York (North York)

Alan and I got together, with my telescope in tow, to check out Mars during its close approach to Earth. I can't remember now why we did not go somewhere isolated, but we turned to York University, perhaps thinking we could look through their big telescope.
Instrument: Celestron 8-inch SCT
Mount: Vixen Super Polaris
Method: star hopping
We drove to the top of a parking garage building and unloaded my telescope. On setting it up, a line of people formed! They all took turns looking through the 'scope and asking questions. It was weird. Hundreds of people were here. And it was clear that they thought Alan and I were staff at the university! Ha!

It proved a rather enjoyable evening. It was only awkward when we begin the disassembly of the 'scope. Some people were angry saying they had been waiting in line for a long time. Alan ran block for me, explaining we were not employees or staff of York.

Afterwards, we joked that we should have put out a jar for coins! If we had charged even 25¢ a look, we could have made a small fortune!


I heard that 6,000 people showed up at the Ontario Science Centre!

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