Saturday, December 29, 2001

Shannon's refractor (Union)

Helped Mom's neighbour's daughter Shannon understand and better use her telescope (a smallish refractor with altazimuth mount). I think she enjoyed it. We observed the moon, Jupiter (plus 3 moons), and Saturn.

More than anything else, it proved to her that the telescope worked...

But it also showed that astronomy is not trivial. You need charts, some sense of math, some reasonable expectations, patience.


type: refractor
make: Meade
model: TeleStar DS-60 [Digital Electronic Telescope Series (DS)]
sighting finder scope: 5x24
viewing equipment: 1" shaft, three eyepieces

mount type: non-equatorial

technical info:
objective: 60mm
focal length: 700mm
focal ratio: f/11.7

3x barlow

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