Monday, December 25, 2000

Xmas solar eclipse (Union)

Observed the partial solar eclipse from Mom's house and back yard (Union, Ontario). Watched sporadically. Started observing approx. 10:30am, noted first effect approx. 10:45am; watched end, fully finished at 2:03pm.

Phoned Lisa and Grace. Lisa was pumped and ready; Grace was still in p.j.s. I told her to get outside! Lisa phoned back—she was freaking! "The moon's in front of the sun, man!"

Used welders glass, number 5 and 9 (totalling 14) in a cardboard shield. Worked well. Although everything's dark green...

Gave Mom special mylar eclipse sunglasses. Orangish.

Also used a pinhole camera. Made a cardboard box with a aluminum foil opening. Fun!

Noted 2 small spots. Sunspots? Mercury?

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